Chris Quinn

Freelance Full Stack JS Developer,
Solutions Architect & Tech Lead

10+ years experience building for the web.

From enterprise grade web apps to performant mobile-first progressive web apps,
come talk to me about your next project.

Tech & Skills

Meteor.js / Vulcan.js
3+ years
building scalable and performant web apps
4+ years
Underpinning Meteor & Vulcan, plus standalone Express-based apps
4+ years
Fast & scalable NoSQL storage engine
HTML5 / CSS / JS (ES6)
9+ years
HTML4/5 and front end technologies to build responsive websites
LAMP stack
9+ years
Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP to power WordPress sites and custom applications.
9+ years
Using the pre-eminent CMS that now powers 33% of the web.

I also dabble with

Basic working knowledge, mostly for fun
Teaching my son to hack the planet with an RPI
Ruby on Rails
Because TDD is rather nice :)


Tech Director at Create Health
Leading a team of developers building web apps for the World Health Organisation, mental health charities and more.
Full Stack Developer at Gravitywell
An awesome digital studio based in Bristol, where I lead development of an enterprise-grade b2b ordering platform
Tech Lead at AUK
A marketing agency in Bath, where I led a team developing applications & websites for clients like Start Up Loans & BSM